couples boudoir

Couples Boudoir can be just as meaningful as a solo session. It is a way to celebrate your relationship, your intimacy and reinforcing the love you have for each other. We’ve also learned that it’s a fun way to spice up a relationship! 

Since these two have gotten married, they’ve lived in one of their childhood homes. In their old childhood bedroom no less! Coming into their own as a newlywed couple has been a little difficult. Fortunately, these two are moving onward and upward into their own place! They’ve also moved into a new fiery level of their relationship by doing this couples boudoir session.

One of the ladies was feeling a little out of touch with herself due to some health issues. But of course, her lovely wife loves her just the way she is! She loves her wife’s passion and fire but also loves that she can be soft and kind. She also specifically mentioned her eyes, chin dimple, legs and called her nose the “cutest nose ever”. As for the other half of this beautiful couple, she said she doesn’t really like her body either. But her wife thinks her butt is the BEST! This couples boudoir session helped them see their “flaws” in a new light. The love these two have for each other pours out of these photos and shows the pure heart and HEAT between them. These amazing ladies didn’t know they would love being in front of the camera so much!

Couples Boudoir is such a fun way to get in touch with your sexuality as a couple. Take it from these two, they stepped out of their comfort zone and loved every single second of it! We were so happy to provide a space for them to come into their own in such an intimate way. Now they have artwork that will remind them of all the passion and love that they share forever. 

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couples boudoir

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couples boudoir flagstaff

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