“So here goes nothing. This is real, raw, and vulnerable. When I was first invited to this page [group] by one of my friends, I told myself there was NO way in heck I would ever do another boudoir shoot. I have had 2 kids, I’m not skinny like I used to be, and I have more cellulite than before shoot. I don’t even wear shorts to bed or want to go to the pool because I am exposing my body!

Fast forward to about six months later….

I decided to take a leap and book a session (granted, I booked it six months out). I told myself that I had 6 months to get in shape to be able to prepare myself for this experience.
About a month out, it started to get real for me; this was about the time I had my discovery session with Robin, which, I’ll tell you, was such an experience in and of itself. It opened my eyes to look at myself in a different light. I have always struggled with self-confidence and self-worth. I never thought of myself as being sexy, confident, worthy, or beautiful!
boudoir photographer flagstaff
On the day before the session, I wanted to call and cancel; I told myself, “There is NO way I can do this tomorrow.” I wasn’t in the shape I wanted to be, I didn’t feel the confidence I thought I would. The morning of, I woke up wanting to throw up because of how nervous I was! I packed my bag with the outfits and got in the car to drive to the studio. As I pulled up, I was shaking, wanted to throw up again, and sweating! I walked into the studio and told myself, let’s do this!
boudoir session flagstaff
While getting my hair and makeup done, I was still sweating and nervous as heck! Robin told me it was time to start. I just stood there and looked at the final selection of outfits laid out for me with a blank stare. Thank God they help you pick out what to wear! I put it on, opened the door, and didn’t even want to walk out of the room, even though it was totally private. As soon as I got in front of the camera, Robin helped me get past my self-doubt and the unworthiness I felt. I had the absolutely best time.
I have never laughed more in front of a camera than I did during those 2 hours!
When I went for my design session, I had no idea what to expect. Robin played the slide show for my husband and I. After watching it I was in awe. I was speechless. After seeing all the pictures of myself it completely changed the negative mindset that I had been seeing myself as for all these years! I NOW saw myself as the sexy, confident, beautiful woman, wife, and mother that I AM!
To all the women out there who are scared, who don’t feel confident in their own skin, who feel unworthy, and who think they don’t have the time to do this, DO IT! This was the BEST investment I could have ever done for myself, and will truly cherish it for the rest of my life ❤️ I now walk around with my head held high, more confident about my body, and so much more self worth than I have ever before. I even wore shorts in public and felt so confident.
I cannot thank Robin and the entire CRAVE Team enough from the bottom of my heart for giving me this opportunity and experience!!