Jacqi is trying to love herself and not let the numbers on the scale determine her value or strength. However, when that scale hit 200lbs she felt like she had to make a change. She decided to do something active. She walked into the JuJitsu gym and kept going back week after week. That was over 11 years ago. It has become such a big part of her life. It makes her feel strong and accomplished.

Then COVID hit. COVID did a number on most of us. Jacqi put on a little weight and has been avoiding self-reflection. She booked this session to embrace where her body is at post-pandemic.

She sees herself as someone who has had to struggle to get through. She feels like her family is disappointed in her because her sister has the whole house, kids, husband, and career thing, but Jacqi has taken a totally different route.

She loves that she is self-motivated and gets things done if she puts her mind to it. On the flip side, she often struggles to get through the plateaus in her life and not see them as failures. She is hoping that this session will revive her self-worth and help her quiet the opinions of those around her.