As Flagstaff boudoir photographers we believe that everyone deserves their own CRAVE Boudoir Experience. Whether it’s love, kindness, intimacy, self-worth, excitement, or just seeing yourself in a new light. CRAVE celebrates ALL body types through intimate & artistic portraiture. It is our mission to empower women & couples through an experience that fully embodies self love.

What Do You CRAVE?


Each CRAVE boudoir experience is personalized 100% to you. This is your opportunity to get wild and crazy or just keep it simple and true to who you are. No matter what your taste or preference, you can be sure that this Flagstaff boudoir experience will be unlike anything you’ve ever done. This is not a typical “boudoir” session. This is CRAVE!

Self Love

It’s time to love on yourself and work what you’ve got! Let’s celebrate you in a whole new way!


Want to spice it up? Come in for a couples CRAVE session and capture the way you see yourselves together. HOT!


“Nude” can mean a variety of things from implied nude to full nude and everything in between. Are you ready to explore?

Curves for Days

Let’s celebrate your glorious curves in an artistically beautiful way!

Props & Toys

Whatever you’re into or are curious about, your CRAVE session is a safe place to explore ideas and fantasies.


“Keep it simple, stupid”. Sexy can mean whatever you want it to. We don’t have to overthink it to celebrate your inner beauty.


You can choose between a solo CRAVE Session or a CRAVE Marathon. What’s the difference?

CRAVE Session: $350+tax

Come into the studio during one of our available CRAVE session dates. We provide beverages during your experience. You will get dolled up with our professional hair and makeup team and your own personal fashion stylist. This session is full of energy and laughter and our entire team will be your cheerleader for the day! You will spend 90 minutes in your private photo session.


Specials. Events. Hookups.

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Heather’s CRAVE Experience

“So for me the CRAVE experience wasn't about finding confidence or comfort in who I am, but finding another way to see myself...” Sometimes our boudoir experience isn’t about finding confidence, it’s about rediscovering who you are and seeing yourself in a different...

Jessica’s CRAVE Boudoir Session

“They provided a space for me to let go of my disappointment and to celebrate, to be proud of my body, and to discover my sexy—confidence, strength, and courage!” The R2 Studio boudoir sessions have been so fulfilling. Not only for those in front of the camera, but...

Carissa’s CRAVE Session

We love when a CRAVE Session transforms from a gift for a significant other to a gift for our clients themselves. Carissa is getting married at the end of September and wanted a spicy gift for her soon to be husband. She heard about our CRAVE Sessions can transform...

CRAVE Experience – Beth

“I have always struggled with my weight and the way I looked...” The CRAVE Experience is all about breaking barriers. Especially the ones that we’ve trapped ourselves in. Beth is among the many women of the world who holds herself to the impossible beauty standards...

Ceci’s CRAVE Experience

Our CRAVE Experience is all about female empowerment. In this day and age, it is too easy to get lost in the idea of pretty or beautiful is. Consequently, we fail to see that we are already beautiful without the society’s standard. Also, it creates animosity between...

CRAVE Boudoir Session – Jill

Are you one of those ladies who feel like a CRAVE Boudoir Session is something you cannot achieve?? We hear from different women every day who say they could not possibly do a CRAVE Session because of one reason or another. Say hello to Jill. She felt the same exact...

Heather’s CRAVE Experience

A Crave Experience with a cool concept are some of our favorites to do! Heather came to us wanting to surprise her husband. Undoubtedly, his reaction was PRICELESS! Check out Heather’s sultry CRAVE Experience! Heather thinks that being the sexy, “hot mom” would be...

Ann Marie’s CRAVE Cabin Session

As specialists in capturing intimate boudoir photos in Flagstaff, we have learned that CRAVE Experiences are not just for a partner. They are actually such a wonderful journey of self discovery and freedom. In this specific case, this lovely lady finds herself newly...

Audrey’s CRAVE Experience

“I want to see what other people see.” Crave Experiences are often needed to help women see themselves how others do. Think of all your closest female friends. You find them beautiful, funny, talented however, they very rarely ever see this for themselves. Audrey was...

Christine’s CRAVE Session

“I have spent the past several years trying to mend my relationship with myself and my body, mostly because my body does not fit society’s mold of beauty. Taking these pictures, having them witnessed by other women, and allowing myself to see what they saw was one of...

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an experience everyone deserves

“This Crave experience taught me many things. 1) Do it now. You’re just getting older and lazier lol! 2) We are our OWN worst critics and we look so much better than we think! 3) Everyone’s definition of sexy is different. There aren’t any rules determining how dressed or undressed you should be to take a photo. 4) Your inner beauty out-shines your outer.

Many of us think to ourselves, “How could I possibly do a boudoir photo shoot? I’m not thin enough, I’m not pretty enough, I’m not this or that…BLAH BLAH BLAH.” I have been through a huge weight loss journey in the last three years, and I STILL have some body images issues. But what I’ve come to realize is, that I worked HARD for where I am at RIGHT NOW. And taking these photos made me appreciate the work I’ve put in. Who cares about the stretch marks?! I worked hard for those! They have become a representation of the empowered woman that I AM! This is a boudoir photography experience that EVERYONE deserves!”

free to be bold

“I haven’t taken any pictures like this since before I had children (almost a decade ago) and I was so nervous. I appreciate how Robin and Renee, the best Flagstaff boudoir photographers, made me feel so comfortable. Blood might not be your idea of sexy but I’ve always been a little on the dark side. I was so happy when Robin was excited for my crazy idea. I never thought I would actually feel comfortable sharing these pictures but after this experience.. I feel free! Free to be bold!”

i felt like a queen

“Doing a Crave Session was not my idea and frankly, left to my own choices probably wouldn’t have been something I considered. Having said that – oh my god, I can’t believe I nearly missed out on this boudoir experience!!! I felt like a QUEEN this whole afternoon!!! Everyone deserves to feel like royalty and that was honestly the biggest confidence boost I never knew I always needed. At the end of the day all of the ladies involved with our Crave Session made every moment so special and so safe. Thank you so much to everyone who helped us feel so wonderful all day and gave us such a beautiful piece of art to remind us of how important it is to not only take care of each other but also ourselves!”


you have no excuse

“Seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes with awesome lighting and makeup and hair will change your view of yourself! I was feeling bleh about myself and not putting much effort in pre-Crave. Since my Crave Experience and seeing my photos I have felt like putting in so much more of an effort in what I wear and my makeup and hair. And when you look better you feel better! It’s not awkward or uncomfortable at all! The atmosphere is fun and private and Robin and Renee do a great job of making you feel totally cool and normal even naked! You have no excuse. Just do it!”

out of this world

“My Crave Session was so beneficial for me! I learned so much about myself, about my wife and about our relationship by doing this. We truly enjoyed ourselves and the R2 team really made everything so comfortable! I see my pictures and I feel BEAUTIFUL, SEXY, STRONG, BRAVE and LOVED. For the first time I see myself the way my wife sees me and that is a priceless experience that I never imagined photos like this could make me feel. Thank you Robin and Renee for making this possible! I can’t wait to do it again because honestly there was nothing to lose, but what I gained was OUT OF THIS WORLD.”

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