with Liz Garcia

Do you know the “rules” of fashion?

Never wear two different pattern types, right?

Black and brown don’t go together, right?

Black is going to make me look skinny, right?


Help is on the way!

50% of your Photo Session relies on the outfit selection.

While we do provide you with our Ultimate Fashion Guide, most of our clients find that they prefer a more hands-on approach to their fashion experience!

From help with determining their body type, what sizes they should be shopping for, color, texture, and patterns, to the type of clothing that will look best on their figure – Liz Garcia is a master at unlocking the mystery of these things.

Imagine feeling empowered before even arriving at your session.

This happens because you are inspired by and confident in the outfit selection!


What’s Included?

Whether just need help getting started or need someone to take full control, Liz has plenty of options to help you dial in exactly what you need within your budget.

*Options shown may or may not be included depending on package selected

Phone Consult

Liz always starts you off with a complimentary phone consult. This takes up to 30 minutes and allows her to understand more about your needs.

Outfit Finalization

Hop on a Zoom or Facetime call with Liz prior to your session to help you visualize and finalize the outfits for your session. Screenshots or photos will be added to your guide for reference on the day of your session.

Body Type Analysis

Not sure how to determine your body type? No problem! Liz will take out all of the guess work!

Color & Pattern Chart

Get a chart of colors and patterns that will look great on your body type, your skin tone, and with your hair color.

Personalized Outfits

Depending on your needs, Liz will put together items for purchase online to help you create personalized full outfits to fit your body type and style preference.

Unlimited Support

Get unlimited email, phone, and text support. This also includes minor adjustments to your outfit guide. Liz is here to help make sure you feel fully supported!

Shop Your Closet

Want to work off of what you have at home? No problem. Liz can help you put together looks using what you have on hand or with a combination of purchased items.

Posing Warm Up

We have put together a posing warm up video to get you comfortable with posing before ever stepping foot into the studio.

The Personalized Shopping Guide

Different from The Ultimate Fashion Guide, your personalized shopping guide is designed specifically for you! After you consult, Liz will take everything you spoke about into consideration. She will also combine that with notes from the photographer to design a number of full outfits for your upcoming session. She will provide you with reasons why she chose each article of clothing for you and include links to where you can buy them directly.


Here is an example of what a Shopping Guide might look like.

Example Fashion Guide by The R2 Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between working with Liz and using the online Ultimate Fashion Guide?

The fashion guide was a collaboration between Liz and me. It’s intended to give you a launching pad to pick out your outfits. When you work with Liz you will be working with a REAL human who knows exactly what you look like and can give you tailored guidance. Her resources extend beyond what our Fashion Guide can do/provide.


What do I get out of working with Liz?

She will start you out with a private consultation piggy-backed off of your Discovery Session. Working with Liz is focused entirely on the fashion portion of your session. She will thoughtfully put together a personalized wardrobe just for you and your photography Session! You will also gain valuable knowledge on how to shop for and dress yourself beyond just your photo Experience!



Does she shop for my outfits?

Yes! She has several different options to help you with shopping. These range from just online shopping for a few outfits to get you started and provide you with direct links to purchase said items to doing the shopping and purchasing for you and having items sent directly to you. 


What if I don’t like what she picks?

While we have never encountered this issue, there is always a chance that something may not be your preference. In most cases, the retailers that Liz suggests have great return policies that make it easy to return anything you don’t love! The same goes for any shopping and purchasing she does for you directly.


How soon should I contact her once I book my session?

Once your session is booked, having as much time as possible to plan your outfits is highly recommended. Her cut-off is 2 weeks before your session to allow you enough time to shop for and order the items she suggests and have them arrive in time for your session. If you are less than 2 weeks out from your session date, there may be a rush fee.


Options Exclusively for CRAVE

Please make sure you have at least TWO WEEKS from your session to get access to these exclusive CRAVE Fashion Coaching prices!