The Crave Experience

A Boudoir Photography Experience by The R2 Studio

Find the Best Flagstaff Boudoir Photographer

Not all boudoir photographers in Flagstaff are created equal. Sure, there are PLENTY of photographers in Flagstaff. But, there are only a few who specialize in boudoir photography. In addition, we believe that the boudoir photography experience that we tailor to each person is unmatched by most boudoir photographers in Arizona. 

We have created the CRAVE Experience as more than just professional boudoir photographers in Flagstaff but as women who truly believe that ALL women deserve to have an amazing boudoir photography experience. Whether you are looking for a Flagstaff boudoir photographer, Sedona boudoir photographer, Phoenix boudoir photographer, or Scottsdale boudoir photographer, our clients would be the first to tell you that, there is nothing quite like this CRAVE Boudoir photography experience!

Are you feeling unsure of what your purpose in life is? Maybe you’re going through a life change or you just need a little nudge awaken the beauty that already exists within you. We talk with plenty of women (and men) who are feeling on the brink of a mid-life crisis, going through relationship changes, feeling like they lost their mo-jo, or just want to feel young and vibrant again! No matter what your “WHY” is, this boudoir photography experience might be exactly what you need!


This isn’t like any other boudoir photography experience in Arizona. As one of Flagstaff’s best boudoir photographers, and as women and moms approaching that mid-life range, we wanted to create a boudoir photography experience in Flagstaff that allowed women and men and couples to dig deep and find that confidence that got tucked away so they could feel amazing and beautiful and empowered!

The First Date

Your customized CRAVE Experience starts off with a first date (of sorts). You will visit our studio (or connect with Robin in a phone call or virtual hangout). During your visit, we will learn more about why you want to do a CRAVE Session, what is happening in your life right now, what makes you feel amazing, and how you want to experience your boudoir photos. We like for our clients to keep in mind that, while technically we are boudoir photographers in Flagstaff, this does not mean that you need or have to wear intimate clothing. Often times, what makes a person feel beautiful or powerful or confident can means something different from one person to the next. Our boudoir photography is actually just intimate portraiture captured with unique and strategic lighting to really highlight your beauty and strength.

Your Session

When you come in for your photo session our entire team will welcome you and make you feel so amazing. You will have your hair and makeup done professionally. We will also provide you with a fashion expert who will help you with styling the look of your session from the outfits to the posing. 

The Design

The design and reveal of your boudoir photos is the cherry on top! This brings it full circle! As boudoir photographers in Flagstaff we really like to set ourselves apart by creating a cinematic slideshow of your amazing boudoir photos. This allows us to continue the amped up feeling that you had during your session all the way through seeing your final photographs. During this time is when we will choose the boudoir photographs from your CRAVE session and create amazing artwork from them.


CRAs professional photographers in Flagstaff, we have always encountered this question. It’s on the forefront of every client’s mind and it should be. Of course, when it comes to finding the best boudoir photographer in Flagstaff, price point is a consideration and there are many photographers to choose from. However, we encourage our clients to think about it like this…. Imagine that you are approaching an age milestone that is leaving you feeling unsure of what comes next in your life. You feel like you’re 25 in your spirit but the mirror is convincing you otherwise. What if there was an experience that allowed you to tap into that inner spirit you have? What if you had photos that made you SEE how beautiful you truly are. And, what if you hung those photos in a place where you could see them first thing when you wake up and right before you go to sleep? How do you think that would impact your life on a daily basis? How would that change the way you believe in yourself??

If that existed and you were able to see yourself in a whole new light, what price would you put on that type of experience?

That is exactly what we do in our CRAVE Sessions. This is a Flagstaff boudoir photography experience that is unlike any other. This is CRAVE. If you are just looking for a Flagstaff boudoir photographer to snap a few photos of you in some lingerie, then anyone can do that. But, if you are looking for a life changing experience then CRAVE is what you’re looking for.


The Art of Gorgeousness

A Closer Look at Post Production

BEAUTY IS AN ART. It’s not about how you look, but rather how you feel about the way you look. Confidence is truly a beautiful thing. Confidence is what we all want. Confidence, self-acceptance and personality is what we strive to bring out in the clients we photograph. We need you to know that you’re perfect now. We don’t photograph “models” but rather, we believe in finding the model within you. Some of us forget what it’s like to feel beautiful and strong along the way. We get too busy with our lives, our family, and our job. This experience is for you to feel that beauty and strength again. You are beautiful and with a little help from our experienced team and expert skills in lighting, posing, photography, and post production, we are excited to help you celebrate that beauty!

WHAT IS POST-PRODUCTION? This is where we masterfully touch up your individual photos. We lightly smooth skin, even out unnecessary shadows, adjust color tones and highlights as needed. We will polish your natural beauty so that the truest you is what shines. What we don’t do is make you look like some unrealistic version of yourself. You can also request that we focus on certain areas more than others, which we will discuss with you in depth prior to your session. Some clients also prefer light editing, which we can also do!

DRESS FOR SUCCESS. Your session is your time to explore every aspect of who you are. Although we love to make you look your absolute best, we are unable to accommodate requests for reducing waist sizes or adding/removing major features. We encourage our clients to wear outfits that flatter your best parts and hide those you may not love so much – and are happy to provide our advice and experience on what to wear before the session!

The Investment

Your Experience Begins Now!

Whether you’re single, married, beginning a new chapter, or ending an old one – the images we create together will boost your confidence and improve your self-image. If you’re booking to give this experience as a gift, remember that this is just as much a gift to yourself, and that is priceless! All prints and photo products are professional grade and Heirloom quality and made to last a lifetime. Crafted by artisans from archival-quality materials, and handmade in the finest Italian fashion, we offer nothing but the very best in options and craftsmanship to our clients.

Step ONE

Book your CRAVE Experience by choosing a date and time that works best for you. You can do that by sending us an email and we can walk you through the steps or you can click the button below to look at our availability and lock it in!

Step TWO

Choose from one of our pre-designed artwork collections where we have packaged up all of the most popular goodies while saving you some money or take a peek at our al a carte menu. 

You don’t need a special occasion to book a boudoir session; it’s a special occasion in itself.

STEP ONE: The Full CRAVE Experience

  • Pre-Consultation to plan your session
  • An hour and a half of session time in our private studio space
  • Professional Hair and Makeup
  • Personal Stylist
  • Direction and posing
  • Private, in-person viewing and ordering session where you will design and purchase the heirloom quality artwork al a carte
  • All final photo selections individually retouched

Payment Plans

We offer a 6 month payment plan at 0% interest through PayPal Credit.

Simply click the button below to sign up at least 24 hours prior to making your purchase.

Go ahead! Let’s find out what collection you qualify for today!


Reconnect with that feeling of empowerment on a daily basis even after the session is over!