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The Ultimate Fashion Guide

How to Dress Your Body Type

How to Use This Guide

HAVE FUN! This should not feel overwhelming or stressful. If, at any point it does, please reach out!

There are five main body types to look at when determining what shape you are. This guide will help you (closely) figure out which body type you are. 

    When it comes to building a wardrobe you love and feel great in knowing how to dress your body type is a game-changing skill. 

      With each body type, we will go over:

      • Styling tips and tricks to show off all your best assets. 
      • Visual examples of clothing items that are effective.
      • How to shop your own closet.
      • Do’s and Don’ts to pay attention to.
      • Getting out of your comfort zone.

      Step One:

      Determining your body type.

      For most accurate results use a sewing measuring tape to measure the width of the following areas:


      • The widest part of your SHOULDERS
      • The fullest part of your BUST
      • The smallest part of your WAIST
      • The widest part of your HIPS

      Step by Step

      For a little more help with figuring out your body type, check out this step by step tutorial from professional fashion coach, Erin Busbee.

      Bellingham Boudoir Photos with Marvel theme

      Step Two

      Don’t overthink it! This is NOT a graded final exam. You WILL pass “GO” and you will look amazing! This is just a guide to help you expand outside of your comfort zone using a few tips and tricks.

      Select your body type below by using the measurements you have come up with.

      *Measurements are just used as a general guideline.


      Select Your Body Type


      Bust measurement is often the largest.

      Larger bust, narrow hips, and a full midsection. 


      Hips measure larger than shoulders and bust.

      Weight tends to carry in the hips, thighs and butt. 

      Inverted Triangle

      Shoulders and bust measure wider than hips.


      Near equal bust, waist, and hip measurements.

      The lack of curves appears like a rectangle.


      Hips and bust are nearly equal in size, with a much smaller waist measurement. 

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