How do I Prepare for My Session?

Every woman asks this question; you’re not alone. It can be nerve-racking to do something new that feels vulnerable. Plenty of emotions will lead up to your session, and that’s ok! I’m here to help! I’m sharing some guidelines and suggestions to ease and organize your mind and prepare you for this incredible experience!

Start Shopping

Putting off shopping for your outfits may only add stress and uncertainty to your experience, which is totally avoidable if you start shopping early! I always suggest shopping from places that have a great return policy so you can try on and return if you don’t love what you buy. You will get access to our exclusive CRAVE Fashion Guide. You can get a sneak peek by checking out some of our fashion tips and tricks.
If you need more hands-on help, please reach out to me directly, or you can hire our CRAVE Stylist to do the shopping for you! We have a lot of resources to take all of the guesswork out of shopping for your outfits. There is no time like the present to go shopping!
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Tip 4: Talk it Out

It’s normal to hear voices of doubt in your head. They tend to tell you things like, “You’re not ready for this,” or “You’re not good/thin/curvy/cool/confident/pretty/etc. enough,” or “You won’t look like the other women they photograph,” etc.
Whatever the dialogue is you are hearing leading up to your session, it’s usually completely off base. If you are finding it hard to shake these worries or fears, please reach out to me! I can 100% relate. I had my own hesitations and fears leading up to my CRAVE Session. I have been there too, and I am here now to support you and be your cheerleader!

Make a Music Playlist

Music is a great way to get out of your head and into the moment. I suggest making a playlist of music to all of my clients. Think of your favorite songs or artists that make you want to get up and move around or that make you feel happy and energized. This is often a fun way to prepare for and get excited about the day of your session! If making a playlist sounds like more work than you have time for, no worries! We can always ask Pandora to curate the mood based on your favorite handful of musicians!
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On the day of your session, while we will be focusing on 4+ outfits, please bring double that amount of outfits so I can curate the best variety for your session! Things to keep in mind as you’re packing your clothing:
Color, color color – Bring lots of color (textures and patterns are great too!) This will add variety to your photos.
Bra’s and Panties – Bring several extras so I can build outfits with variety in the small details.
Out of the Box – Bring clothing that’s fun, different, or new! We want items that may be out of your comfort zone to push the boundaries a bit!
Confidence –  If you have an article of clothing that makes you feel confident, throw it in your bag!
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Show Up and Have Fun

In addition to being life-changing, your CRAVE Experience will be so much fun! It’s important to anticipate having a blast from start to finish during your journey through this experience. Don’t overthink. That is what my team and I are here for. We will do a lot of hand-holding so that you can feel supported while coasting through your journey. This experience is all about celebrating YOU! All you need to do is SHOW UP, and we will handle the rest.
Again, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with nerves, please reach out!
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The Final Prep

Prepping for your session in the final days/weeks

1. Waxing, shaving, tweezing, and dermaplaning should be done 3-5 days prior to your session. Don’t forget to moisturize and give your skin time to calm down.

2. Avoid tanning lotions and sprays as they tend to leave an orange tint as it’s difficult to correct in the final edit. Most of the time, I am lighting you with a warming filter.

3. Remove all price and sizing tags from the lingerie items that you plan to keep and not return, including any permanent ones. This will save time on the day of your session.

4. Get your hair cut/colored as you desire but try to keep true to yourself! Avoid trying out a brand-new hairstyle or drastic color change right before your session as this would be difficult to fix if you didn’t love it.

5. Your fingers and toes will be very visible in your photos. Make sure your nails are clean and/or freshly manicured.

6. Drink plenty of water leading up to your session to keep your skin hydrated. Likewise, don’t eat a heavy meal the morning of your session to avoid feeling bloated.

If you have specific questions or concerns not covered, please reach out to me directly!