empowerment portraits

Empowerment Portraits

Forget everything you think you know about “boudoir” photography.

CRAVE is a transformational portrait experience that is customized specifically to each client to help them reconnect with their value and their worth.


This is NOT a traditional “boudoir” session!


    We have two locations to choose from!

    Washington Sessions

    With a studio location and cabin location in Bellingham, WA it’s easy for us serve clients from Seattle to Vancouver who are looking for a boudoir photographer in the PNW.

    Arizona Sessions

    We also serve our boudoir clients from Phoenix, AZ to Flagstaff, AZ and beyond. We have a great indoor studio that also backs the national forest for a mix of indoor/outdoor boudoir photos in Flagstaff, AZ.

    How it works…


    The Discovery

    Schedule your Discovery Session with Robin. This is a 60 minute planning consult. We will talk about you and dig a little deeper than surface level to learn more about why you want to have a CRAVE Experience and what you hope to get out of it. All of your questions will be answered during this time.



    You will have a consult with our amazing fashion coach, Liz. She will talk to you about all things clothing related and then send you links to items that you can purchase or use strictly as reference to pull from what you already own. Plan on 5 different looks during your CRAVE Experience.


    Hair + Makeup

    Our hair and makeup team will be on-site the day of your session. They will address any of your questions and concerns right away. All hair product and makeup, including false eyelashes, are included. You just get to sit back and relax and enjoy being pampered for the next 90 minutes.


    The Shoot

    We know that you are most nervous about this part. So, this is where we put on your favorite music, craft you a custom cocktail, and dance around the studio laughing for the next 90 minutes all while capturing the most amazing photos of just how incredible you truly are! Don’t worry, there will be lots of direction given!

    The Design Session

    4 weeks after your session we will get together in person or over Zoom for a cinematic-style presentation of your final 40 photographs. You will pick out the photos you love the most, don’t be surprised if you love them all, that’s normal, and we will design your final artwork from the selection of your favorites!

    **Most clients pre-purchase their artwork before their session to take advantage of our collection discounts.


    Trying to plan your experience around when you want to have your finished artwork in-hand? Below is an example timeline.

    Planning Period

    This is the time when we do all of your consultations, fashion planning, and you shop for your outfits. We suggest a minimum of 4 weeks to allow you to enjoy the excitement of this phase.


    Shoot + Reveal

    On the day of your CRAVE Session we will schedule your Design Session and reveal. Robin spends a lot of thoughtful time making sure your final reveal is perfect! Plan on 3-4 weeks before seeing your finished photos.


    Delivered Artwork

    We pride ourself in our finished artwork. It needs to look and feel just as amazing as your photos. Our albums, for example, are made in Italy. You should expect the delivery period to take 4-6 weeks.



    Our studio has been thoughtfully designed and decorated to be the perfect backdrop to your CRAVE Session. We have multiple scenes that we move around and create during each session to make it fully unique. Check out this little sneak peek of our studio in Bellingham, WA.

    Nickole’s CRAVE Session

    Nickole's boudoir session in Bellingham was classic and timeless. I even captured some moments with the natural light that was filling our PNW studio, which was a treat! Part of Nickole's reason for doing her CRAVE boudoir session was to celebrate her decision to not...


    Meet Maddy! I was so excited when she booked her Bellingham boudoir session. I knew she had been through a lot of various challenges in the past handful of years and this empowerment photography session was going to give her a much needed boost. When I asked her "why"...

    Stacey – Snowboard & Swim Suit Session

    Meet Stacey! 2022 is her year to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable! What better way to do that than by doing a bathing suit boudoir photo shoot? Enter CRAVE! Stacey had recently transitioned from one long-time, awful, relationship to a much more positive and...

    Bri – Bellingham Boudoir Session

    Meet Bri! You are going to love these Bellingham boudoir photos from her CRAVE session! Her CRAVE Boudoir Experience was one of my favorites of 2022. Bri moved to WA in 2010. She started Crossfit and lost 135lbs. She quickly became a local poster child for the local...

    Sarah’s CRAVE Experience

    Meet Sarah. You are going to love her hula hoop boudoir photos! She is a local hair and makeup artist in Bellingham, WA and part of our CRAVE Team here. Did you know that all of our CRAVE team has done their own CRAVE boudoir experience? We want to make sure we all...

    Kelsey’s CRAVE Experience

    Kelsey's boudoir session allowed us to really play in the studio and capture some edgy boudoir photos that really spoke to all of her "personalities". This boudoir session is about celebrating the evolution of where she is now and where she has come from. Feeling...

    Siiri – Bellingham Boudoir Session

    Meet Siiri! Just wait until you see her Motorcycle boudoir photos! When Siiri came to CRAVE to explore what our boudoir sessions in Bellingham were all about, she was in a place where she was doing a lot of mind/body work to change the way she sees herself, shift her...

    Heather’s CRAVE Experience

    “So for me the CRAVE experience wasn't about finding confidence or comfort in who I am, but finding another way to see myself...” Sometimes our boudoir experience isn’t about finding confidence, it’s about rediscovering who you are and seeing yourself in a different...

    Brittney’s Boudoir Session

    “I have always struggled with self confidence and self worth. I never thought of myself as being sexy, confident, worthy, or beautiful!” Brittney is among the many women out there nervous for this boudoir session. CRAVE is a daunting thing on the surface, but the...

    Jessica’s CRAVE Boudoir Session

    “They provided a space for me to let go of my disappointment and to celebrate, to be proud of my body, and to discover my sexy—confidence, strength, and courage!” The R2 Studio boudoir sessions have been so fulfilling. Not only for those in front of the camera, but...

    The Investment

    Booking Fee



      • Your Discovery Session with Robin
      • Consult with our fashion and posing coach, Liz
      • Custom Fashion and Shopping Guide
      • Professional Hair and Makeup
      • 90min Photo Shoot
      • Private Cinematic Photo Reveal


    Artwork is purchased separate from the Booking Fee. Options vary but may include:
    ◦ Album
    ◦ Portrait Box
    ◦ Collection of metal wall art prints
    ◦ Set of Matted Prints
    ◦ Set of Brag Books
    ◦ Retro Viewfinder
    ◦ Digital Slideshow
    ◦ Digital copies of printed photos

    Are you ready to start your journey?

    The first step is scheduling your Discovery Session. It’s totally free with no strings attached.


    Want to get more specifics on your potential investment or interested in booking a session but not sure if it’s the right fit, let’s schedule a Discovery Session. It’s totally FREE and it’s a great place to start to get all of those questions answered and get some good insight into how YOUR CRAVE Session might go.

    Looking for answers before meeting? Send an email and we will get back to you ASAP!

    The R2 Studio created CRAVE , which started as a boudoir photography studio in Flagstaff, AZ. Our boudoir photography has since expanded to include Bellingham, WA boudoir photography. As boudoir photographers in Bellingham, WA, we focus on women empowerment photography sessions. We are not traditional boudoir photographers in Bellingham, WA or boudoir photographers in Seattle, WA or boudoir photographers in Flagstaff, AZ. Our boudoir photography goes above and beyond to capture the true beauty of our clients. If you’re looking for the most unique and best boudoir photographer in Seattle, the best boudoir photographer in Bellingham, the best boudoir photographer in Vancouver, then look no further. Also, if you’re looking for the best boudoir photographer in Flagstaff or the best boudoir photographer in Phoenix, AZ, CRAVE is a force to be reckoned with! This boudoir photography experience is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced or even heard about! Through our empowerment portrait sessions, we are helping women rediscover their value and their worth through an anti-boudoir photography experience. You won’t be disappointed.