Our Bellingham, WA boudoir photography studio has been thoughtfully designed and decorated to be the perfect backdrop to your CRAVE Session. We have multiple scenes that we move around and create during each session to make it fully unique. Our studio is located right in the heart of Bellingham on the I-5, which makes it easy to get to no matter where you’re coming from. Our hair and makeup team will join us right on site to enhance your experience. We also have a cabin located in Whatcom County that we use for special requests and boudoir parties if you’re going for that outdoorsy, lost in the woods vibe. Check out this little sneak peek…

Our Amazing Team

We talk a lot about our CRAVE team simply because we would not be CRAVE without their amazing talent and passion for the journey! Each one of our team members have gone through their own CRAVE Experience. We believe this is valuable in truly understanding what each of our clients is feeling during their own CRAVE journey.



Owner - Photographer

Robin is your photographer, cheerleader, cocktail maker, fashion coach, and artwork designer. She will work with you to create an experience that tells your story from start to finish!



Hair and Makeup

Rebecca is amazing at what she does. She will help you feel elevated through the power of hair and makeup styling. 



Hair and Makeup

Sarah has a ton of formal training. She is very thorough and will make sure you love your finished look!

Karen’s Miley Inspired CRAVE Mini

I never shoot for black and white photos. But with this Miley "River" inspired mini boudoir photo session that was the intention I set from the beginning. I created an indoor rain system, a stadium light simulated umbrella diffuser and a crystal curtain to achieve...

Nickole’s CRAVE Session

Nickole's boudoir session in Bellingham was classic and timeless. I even captured some moments with the natural light that was filling our PNW studio, which was a treat! Part of Nickole's reason for doing her CRAVE boudoir session was to celebrate her decision to not...


Meet Maddy! I was so excited when she booked her Bellingham boudoir session. I knew she had been through a lot of various challenges in the past handful of years and this empowerment photography session was going to give her a much needed boost. When I asked her "why"...

Stacey – Snowboard & Swim Suit Session

Meet Stacey! 2022 is her year to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable! What better way to do that than by doing a bathing suit boudoir photo shoot? Enter CRAVE! Stacey had recently transitioned from one long-time, awful, relationship to a much more positive and...

Bri – Bellingham Boudoir Session

Meet Bri! You are going to love these Bellingham boudoir photos from her CRAVE session! Her CRAVE Boudoir Experience was one of my favorites of 2022. Bri moved to WA in 2010. She started Crossfit and lost 135lbs. She quickly became a local poster child for the local...

Sarah’s CRAVE Experience

Meet Sarah. You are going to love her hula hoop boudoir photos! She is a local hair and makeup artist in Bellingham, WA and part of our CRAVE Team here. Did you know that all of our CRAVE team has done their own CRAVE boudoir experience? We want to make sure we all...

Kelsey’s CRAVE Experience

Kelsey's boudoir session allowed us to really play in the studio and capture some edgy boudoir photos that really spoke to all of her "personalities". This boudoir session is about celebrating the evolution of where she is now and where she has come from. Feeling...

Siiri – Bellingham Boudoir Session

Meet Siiri! Just wait until you see her Motorcycle boudoir photos! When Siiri came to CRAVE to explore what our boudoir sessions in Bellingham were all about, she was in a place where she was doing a lot of mind/body work to change the way she sees herself, shift her...


The Session - $500 Booking Fee


    • Your Discovery Session with Robin
    • Custom Fashion and Shopping Guide
    • Professional Hair and Makeup
    • 4-6 Outfit Changes
    • 90min Photo Shoot
    • Private Cinematic Photo Reveal


Your final artwork investment (after the booking fee) may vary but will include a collection of artwork. Here are some of the items our clients are taking home:
◦ Album
◦ Portrait Box
◦ Collection of metal wall art prints
◦ Set of Matted Prints
◦ Set of Brag Books
◦ Retro Viewfinder
◦ Digital Slideshow
◦ Digital copies of printed photos

Are you ready to start your journey?

The first step is scheduling your Discovery Session. It's totally free with no strings attached.

The Discovery Session

Each experience begins with a Discovery Session. This is a first date, of sorts. You will meet with Robin one on one to talk about what a CRAVE Experience might look like for you, what items you will bring to your photo shoot, and get a feel for the amazing artwork we offer our clients. All of your questions will be answered during your Discovery and we will begin designing YOUR experience so that it is tailored to you!


The R2 Studio created CRAVE , which started as traditional boudoir photography in Bellingham, WA. It has since transitioned from Bellingham, WA boudoir photography to female empowerment photography in Bellingham, WA as well as boudoir photography in Seattle. While our CRAVE Team directly serves as a Bellingham boudoir photographer, we would also consider ourselves Seattle boudoir photographers, Vancouver boudoir photographers, and one of the best boudoir photographers in the Bellingham and PNW region. If you are looking for a unique boudoir photographer in Bellingham or a female empowerment photographer in Bellingham, look no further!