I’m a professional photographer as well. As photographers, we rarely get our photographs taken. So, it was a chance for me to have my photographs taken, but I have also gone through several life and business changes. So, it was really a milestone event for me to capture myself at this moment and transition. And a time when I can just be completely me and capture it with these incredible artistic and creative photos.

girl next door boudoir photos

I would describe CRAVE as an anti-boudoir but full-on empowerment experience. Something that challenges you not only what an intimate portrait session can be but also challenges the perception you can have of yourself. It truly is a transformative experience that is customized to you. From the very first phone call with Robin to the photos and artwork that are delivered, it’s a very transformative experience.

The experience I had with having a CRAVE Session was surprising in the best way. I didn’t know what to expect because the process is very different than what I do in my work. But it was so wonderful to see that there was a system to this and that there was care and intention behind what Robin and her team were creating that I didn’t feel lost. There was the intention behind it, there was the direction, and the outfits that were picked were awesome. I felt seen and heard in my own voice. Not just a cookie cutter that I had to wear this or that in order to be sexy or feel seen. No, you need to be you, and Robin and her team were here to help you illustrate that, and I loved that.

girl next door boudoir photosgirl next door boudoir photos

I was surprised in the end with what they were able to create with the textures, the colors, and the poses that, at the moment, felt so confusing and awkward. But I knew to trust the process, and I am so glad I did because what we created was so empowering and artistic and so ME! That’s what the whole experience was about. It was just surprising in the best way and empowering. It illustrated me at this point in my life, and I can’t wait to do it again.

girl next door boudoir photos