I’ve known Jessie for over a decade. We photographed her wedding and the addition of her 3rd kiddo. Her best friend bought this session for her to help her celebrate all of the ups and downs she has been through.

This session comes after a breast cancer scare on the year of her 40th birthday and at the beginning of a divorce.

Jessie is at a point now, in turning 40, that she wants more out of the rest of her life. She spent a decade waiting for her partner to decide they also wanted more out of life. She doesn’t just want to keep going through each day to get through the day. Rinse and repeat. She said, “What am I waiting for?” That statement/question has inspired her to make big changes.

She has spent too long waiting on others to create happiness in her life. She is ready to create her own happiness. Nothing is going to change unless she makes the change. She doesn’t want to be fearful of making big changes if they lead to her being happy.

She sees someone in herself who is coming back. She always strives for self-improvement and moving forward. Working out makes her feel good and gives her good mental strength.

She wants to be better at accepting herself for the way she is. She describes herself as 80% tornado 20% chill, which I could not agree with more.

She feels most confident when she is in a good headspace and doing things that are moving her forward rather than just sitting in the same spot waiting. She said, “Being sexy isn’t about wearing lingerie but rather just accepting yourself for who you are.”