Kim likes to hike, be outside, and watch Marvel movies. She is a social butterfly and loves talking to people.

She had weight loss surgery 4 years ago. She found that she got a lot of attention from the men in her life who had been her friends when she was 350lbs. Then she lost a ton of weight, and they all became romantically interested, and that did a whammy on her mental health. Then she met her soon-to-be husband, who loves that she is curvy. He thinks she is really sexy.

She grew up in a world where she thought that fat does not equal sexy. So, she has had difficulty switching that over in her brain. She is doing this session because she wants to wear sexy clothes and see that she CAN look sexy in them.

She feels beautiful when she is all dolled up but also when areas of her body that she doesn’t like (like her stomach) are covered. She generally tries not to look at her full body in the mirror and focus on her eyes.

This session is about celebrating how far she has come and getting married. She used to weigh 350 lbs and NEVER thought that marriage was in the cards for her. She had a lot of weight-inspired health problems. So she is excited that she found someone through this journey who loves her just the way she is.

As it turns out, her boss is buying her this CRAVE session as a gift because she wants her to see how beautiful she is. Her boss did a session before getting married, and she wants Kim to have the same amazing experience she had.