Caitlin is an archeologist. You might imagine that there are not a ton of women in this field. She is surrounded by men in a male-dominated field. That being said, she holds her own. She is strong-willed and opinionated but always there to help someone if they need it!

This session was about celebrating the fact that she feels in shape without having to do much, which she credits to her line of work and also not having kids. She is also not one-dimensional, which she counts as a gift. She wants to celebrate the feminine side of herself that she never gets to see. She really has no outlet to let that side of her shine.

She struggles with talking about being “pretty.” She has always felt sort of odd looking because of comments people would make about redheads, like, “You’re pretty for a redhead.”

Her current job requires her to spend 16 days hiking and camping and then 16 days home. Before that, she was a wildland firefighter. So, as you can see, she has not had the time or place to allow for her feminine side to shine. She is hoping to see herself in a feminine way that she can relate to during this session.