Alright, friend, let’s get real for a minute! 💃 Ever found yourself wondering what the heck it even means to feel sexy? Been there! Really, I have. When it came time for me to do my own CRAVE Session I had this idea in my head that I had to “be sexy.” However, I struggled to define what that word (sexy) meant or how I related to it.

Feeling sexy is a personal journey, and guess what? There’s no one-size-fits-all definition! Here are some vibes to help you tap into that sexy mindset, whatever that means to YOU:

Comfort is Key: Feeling sexy starts with feeling comfy in your own skin. Rock those cozy threads that make you feel confident. Sexy doesn’t have to mean tight and uncomfortable or lacy lingerie – it’s all about what makes YOU feel good. This is a deep conversation of discovery that I have with each client prior to their session.

Find Your Jam: Music has this magical power to ignite those “sexy” feels. Create a playlist of tunes that make you wanna dance in front of the mirror (like no one is watching… or maybe they are??), whether it’s Beyonce, Chris Stapleton, Def Leppard, or a little Marvin Gaye. Your jam, your rules!

Move That Body: Now that you’ve found your playlist, let’s get moving! Sexy isn’t just about looks; it’s about movement. Take a dance or pole class, sway to your favorite tunes in your living room or as you’re washing dishes at the kitchen sink, or just let loose. Your body, your rhythm, your definition of sexy.

Mirror, Mirror: Spend some quality time with your mirror. Scary! Right? But, seriously, look yourself in the eyes, give yourself a wink, and own it! You’re a masterpiece, and that sexy confidence starts with self-love.

Confidence Boosters: Find those little things that give you a confidence boost. Whether it’s a killer lipstick color, a great top with a bold animal print, a power scent, or that one accessory that makes you feel like a boss – whatever it is, wear it with pride.

Mind the Mindset: Feeling sexy is a mindset. Shift your focus from what others might think to how you feel. Confidence is irresistible, and it starts with your mindset.

Smile Like You Mean It: A genuine smile is one of the sexiest things ever. Channel your inner Mona Lisa, flash those pearly whites, and let the world see your radiant energy. In fact, studies show that just the act of smiling releases endorphins, which lead to happiness and self-confidence. It’s for exactly this reason that just smiling is key to a positive attitude.

Remember, sexy is a spectrum, not a checklist. It’s about embracing what makes YOU feel confident and alive. So go ahead, embrace your unique sexy, whatever that looks like for you! 💋✨