Hey friend, I want to get real with you for a minute about the moral conflict that some of my clients have when they think that CRAVE is a boudoir session. 💕 Some folks might feel like it’s morally wrong, and hey, that’s a valid concern. But guess what? CRAVE is different than a traditional boudoir session. In fact, let’s not even call it boudoir – because, honestly, that term is just far too limiting. It’s totally cool to embrace the idea of doing a CRAVE Session without diving into the lingerie-clad, naked vibe if that’s not your jam. If you’re someone who might think CRAVE will conflict with your personal morals or beliefs, keep reading!

Clothing Optional: Most people hear the word “boudoir” and instantly picture some scene where a woman is rolling around on a bed in strappy lingerie, wind blowing through her hair like a Beyonce video, staring straight into the camera with those bedroom eyes. But seriously, CRAVE doesn’t mean you HAVE to strip down or wear lingerie or even go anywhere near a bed. It’s all about you doing YOU! Whether it’s cozy sweaters, a vintage band tee, a fantastic flowy dress, or a fab jumpsuit – it’s about feeling confident in YOUR skin, not about being in the buff or looking like you stepped right off the set of a seedy erotic movie set.

Your Comfort, Your Rules: Your CRAVE Experience is about YOU. Feeling empowered, owning your narrative, and boosting that self-confidence. If the thought of lingerie makes you cringe, chuck it! This shoot is about celebrating your unique beauty, however YOU define it. And, if you’re thinking, “I don’t know where to start when it comes to defining my beauty.” Don’t worry! We will go through a discovery process to help you get those wheels spinning!

Not a Fan of Lingerie? No Problem: If lace and silk aren’t your vibe, that’s cool! Rock your favorite jeans, a killer jacket, or that funky hat you love. It’s about capturing your essence, not fitting into a preconceived notion of sexy. I personally don’t feel sexy in lingerie. If it doesn’t make sense for you, then we won’t be wearing it!

It’s Not About Pornography: Let’s get one thing straight – CRAVE isn’t about creating adult content. It’s a tasteful, artistic celebration of your individuality, your beauty, and your confidence. There’s no room for creepy vibes here; it’s all about building that level of self-confidence that you’ve been longing for, not generating adult entertainment.

Embrace the Empowerment: Bottom line, this isn’t about anyone else’s expectations; it’s about YOUR journey. Embrace the empowerment that comes with owning your story and loving the skin you’re in.

Remember, your comfort is the top priority. If boudoir feels morally off to you, that’s okay. But also know that CRAVE is not a one-size-fits-all situation and we don’t define it as boudoir. You define your boundaries, your vibe, and your level of comfort. So, if you’re ever curious or intrigued, remember, it’s YOUR experience, YOUR rules. 💪✨