So, whether you’ve been eyeing CRAVE for a little while now or you’re new here,  the thought of being vulnerable in front of a camera may have you doing the jitterbug. Fear not! Let’s talk about overcoming the common anxieties that come with CRAVE Sessions – the fear of intimacy, vulnerability, and that nagging self-conscious feeling.

edgy boudoir photos in bellingham, wa

1. Fear of Intimacy: You’re Not Alone! It’s completely natural to feel a bit uneasy about inviting someone into your personal space with a camera. First things first, we need to acknowledge that your fear of intimacy is shared by many, myself included! This is a personal journey, and everyone has their comfort zones. Your CRAVE Experience will be all operating within the realms of where you feel comfortable. Sure, we push the boundaries here and there, but we are never asking our clients to go beyond what feels okay or safe for them. Remember, this experience is about celebrating your unique beauty, not conforming to any standards.

2. Being Vulnerable: Make Friends with Your Photographer I’m not just a camera-wielding “stranger” – I’m a human being too! I will take the time to connect with you. Whether you’re choosing me as your photographer or another artist, they should be taking the time to connect with you on a personal level. Get real with them about WHY you want to have this experience, share a laugh, and let them get to know the fabulous individual you are. Building a rapport can make the shoot feel like a collaboration, not a one-sided performance. Express your concerns, discuss your preferences, and make it a joint effort to capture your best self. This is what I do with all of my clients so you don’t even have to think about it!

3. Feeling Self-Conscious: Own Your Unique Beauty We’ve all been there – that moment when you catch a glimpse of yourself and think, “Do I really look like that?” Newsflash: you’re stunning, and your individuality is your superpower. Embrace it! Before the shoot, practice self-love. Remind yourself of the qualities that make you shine. It’s not about meeting societal expectations; it’s about capturing your essence and celebrating your journey.

boudoir rope swing photo

4. Choose Your Comfort Zone: You Call the Shots CRAVE Sessions are personal, and your comfort is the top priority. You will have lots of opportunity to communicate with me, as your photographer, about what makes you feel good. If there are specific poses or angles that you’re more comfortable with, we will talk about those as well as things that make you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious! This is your moment, and having a say in the process can empower you, making the experience much more enjoyable.

5. Bring a Wingwoman: Friends Make Everything Better If the thought of going solo still makes you nervous, consider bringing a friend along. Heck, did you know that we have even done back to back sessions with besties?! Having a trusted companion can provide emotional support, turn nerves into laughter, and make the atmosphere more relaxed. Bonus: they get to be your hype squad, boosting your confidence with cheers and positive vibes.

Remember, a boudoir session is a celebration of you – your strength, beauty, and unique journey. It’s a brief discomfort for a lifetime of empowering images that showcase your confidence and self-love.

So, throw those fears out the window, slip into that favorite confidence boosting outfit (lingerie optional), and get ready to capture the incredible person you are. You’ve got this!

Cheers to embracing the confidence within!