Let me tell you a story about Caitlin who runs her own archaeology business. Surrounded by men and dirt every day, she often struggles to feel feminine. A few years ago, she did a CRAVE Session. It made her feel amazing and confident and see a feminine side of herself that she wasn’t sure existed.

Since her first session she has gone through a divorce and found herself feeling disconnected from that confident side of herself. Wanting to rediscover that feeling, she decided to book a second CRAVE Session.

On the day of the shoot, she was both excited and nervous. Caitlin felt her confidence coming back. She rocked outfits that made her feel powerful and true to herself – Carhartts and flannels. She was in her element, remembering that she was more than just her job or her past.

The second CRAVE Session was everything she needed. Caitlin saw a strong, beautiful woman who could handle anything life threw at her. This is what CRAVE is all about!!