Meet Becky. Growing up, she was always the people pleaser. She grew up in a religious home, trying to make everyone around her happy and avoid being a disappointment to her family and to God. But life had other plans—she got pregnant young and married shortly after having her baby. It made her feel like she’d let everyone down.

Becky spent years struggling with who she really was versus who everyone wanted her to be. Her church background didn’t help. She struggled to love an accept herself and allow herself the grace to be who she was. It wasn’t until she was an adult that she finally understood what grace really meant.

As an adult, she still has some mixed feelings about her body. While she’s not sure she loves her shape, she does appreciate that her body is healthy and functional. However, being top-heavy has always been a struggle. Growing up, she was told to dress conservatively and not show off her chest, which made her self-conscious to an extreme. She even hunched over to hide it and was always told to, “quit sticking your chest out.” This fear of being too showy or too provocative really dictated how she dressed even into adulthood – afraid to show too much skin.

Despite these challenges, Becky embraces her journey and all its ups and downs. She’s found a sense of peace and grace that she never knew before. Religion, once a source of fear and control, no longer holds her back. Becky is now living her life as her true, confident self, inspiring others to do the same.

Becky has done a lot of work to change the beliefs that were instilled in her from a young age. She is far more comfortable in her skin now and no longer scared of disappointing people or her family. She’s learned that true confidence comes from within, not from meeting others’ expectations.

Becky’s story is all about self-acceptance and the courage to be who you are. When she saw her CRAVE photos she exclaimed, “I think I’m a cleavage girl now!” What a huge breakthrough!