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An intimate boudoir portrait experience in Bellingham, WA and the PNW unlike anything you’ve ever done for yourself. Each CRAVE Experience is custom designed to you and for you by our amazing team. You won’t regret doing a CRAVE Session but you might regret not doing it sooner!

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Your journey begins with a Discovery Session. This is where you will meet with Robin to discuss and plan your session while also digging deep into your “why”.

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Next you will connect with our fashion expert, Liz, who will virtually shop with you and guide you in selecting the best outfits for your session.

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On the day of your session our hair and makeup team will blow you away with their amazing skills. They are masters at accentuating your natural beauty so that you shine!

your session day

Your CRAVE Day begins with our amazing hair and makeup stylists. In about 90 minutes or less they will make you look and feel fabulous.

The last half of your CRAVE Experience is spent in front of the camera, moving to your favorite music, changing in and out of 4-5 outfits curated by Liz, and having an absolute blast.


(plus tax) Includes

Planning/Discovery Session with Robin

Professional Hair and Makeup

Fashion Coaching with Liz

90 minute photo session

Private Cinematic Reveal & Ordering Session

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the Gallery

Our stylistic approach takes advantage of creative and dramatic lighting combined with your natural beauty. No matter what shape and size you may be, it’s always a recipe for success! Not convinced you’re a good CRAVE Candidate? We accept the challenge! Book a Discovery Session and let’s talk about all of the things. In the meantime, check out these lovely ladies.

Our Story

After over a decade in the wedding industry with my wife, Renee, we decided to totally change it up. Renee backed away from photography all together as I shifted from wedding photography to portrait photography. I wanted to create a transformational experience for my clients that allowed them to reconnect with themselves and the people they loved.

Through this breif transitional process of photographing all sorts of portraits, playing off of the fashion and beauty experience I had acquired from the wedding industry, and the unique lighting and in camera compositions I loved, our “boudoir” sessions were picking up steam quickly.

In 2018 CRAVE became an overnight buzz as women were going through this transformational photography experience that was allowing them to reconnect with their value and their worth. They were becomming their own role model!

In 2019 we opened an additional location of our business in Bellingham, WA to bring CRAVE to the women of the PNW. As boudoir photographers in the PNW and Seattle and Bellingham, we are excited to see where this journey continues to take us.



Our studio has been thoughtfully designed and decorated to be the perfect backdrop to your CRAVE Session. We have multiple scenes that we move around and create during each session to make it fully unique. Check out this little sneak peek…

Our Amazing Team

We talk a lot about our CRAVE team simply because we would not be CRAVE without their amazing talent and passion for the journey! Each one of our team members have gone through their own CRAVE Experience. We believe this is valuable in truly understanding what each of our clients is feeling during their own CRAVE journey.



Owner - Photographer

Robin is the first person you will talk to. She designs the session around YOU and is passionate about understanding why you want to do a CRAVE Session. She believes that everyone deserves to look and feel amazing. It’s what drives her passion for CRAVE. She is the lead artist and will ensure that your photos are 100% amazing from beginning to end!



Fashion Expert

Liz is your fashion guide from start to finish. She will help you shop online for some incredible outfits for your session. She is also typically present on your CRAVE Session day to curate your final outfit selection. She also provides posing guidance and plenty of words of encouragement during your session. She will also make you laugh a lot. It’s her thing!



Hair and Makeup

Rebecca is amazing at what she does. She will help you feel elevated through the power of hair and makeup styling. She will work with you one on one to make sure you look and feel absolutely incredible. Her personality is equally as awesome and we love having her as part of the CRAVE Team!  

The Discovery Session

Each experience begins with a Discovery Session. This is a first date, of sorts. You will meet with Robin one on one to talk about what a CRAVE Experience might look like for you, what items you will bring to your photo shoot, and get a feel for the amazing artwork we offer our clients. All of your questions will be answered during your Discovery and we will begin designing YOUR experience so that it is tailored to you!


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