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Indoor Rain Shower

Indoor Rain Shower

For this set, you WILL be getting wet. For this reason, choosing clothing that is lightweight and also see-through or sheer is going to be important to produce amazing results!


Area of Focus

We will primarily be photographing the upper torso


To see water on your skin and clothing as well as in the atmosphere around you.


Focus On

Sheer and lightweight clothing as well as clothing that may become see-through when wet. For this reason, gravitating toward lighter color clothing will be key!



Heavy-weight, dark clothing that covers all of your skin or makes it difficult to see your skin once wet.

Tips & Tricks

Use this body type fashion guide to find the best clothing options for this set. You should always pay attention to:

Color & Texture

Focusing on texture and color for the upper and body is going to be just as important as it would be with your other outfits. We generally want to stick with lighter color options for that added “see-through” effect when wet. 


Layering is a great option here in the event that you prefer to avoid being nude or showing “too much.” A simple or even a strappy bikini top is a great way to add another layer to your look.


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Tops & OUterWear
Wide Scoop and Low-Cut
Sheer & See-through
Swim Suit Tops & Cover-ups


Light-weight fabric



What’s Working in this Look?

She is wearing a mesh/see-through long-sleeved top with the added visual interest of a star pattern. This is layered over a darker bra/swim top to add even more visual interest to the look. Both are very light-weight.

Shop Tops & Outerwear

Here are some examples that you can use for search inspiration or take out all of the guesswork and click on an image to add to your shopping cart. Remember to consider pattern and color when you’re shopping.

Do Your Own Search

Here are some keywords/phrases you can use to do your own search.

Sheer Shirt for Women

Strappy Bikini Tops for Women

Fishnet Body Suit

Fishnet Tops for Women

Sexy Bathing Suit Cover Up for Women


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