Why I Photograph Boudoir

I began my journey as a boudoir photographer on a whim, actually. I had just transitioned my decade-long career as a wedding photographer to a studio portrait photographer. I was photographing every type of portrait session my potential clients came to me for, hoping to find something I felt passionate about. I photographed my first boudoir session, and my client had tears of joy and disbelief during her reveal. “Holy sh*t, is that me?!” she exclaimed. She couldn’t believe that it was her in the photos. She could see and believe that she was beautiful for the first time in a long time. My second boudoir client had the same reaction, followed by the next handful of boudoir clients. In those moments, I realized that these photographs were literally changing people’s lives, and it was so much bigger than just a photoshoot.

To me, boudoir photography is much more than just a photo shoot. If you haven’t experienced it, it’s hard to convey how life-changing it can be. It’s all about accepting and celebrating your body, expressing your inner self through art, and having a great time doing it.

From the moment we first connect on the phone to the day you see your photos in your cinematic reveal, you will embark on a transformative journey. The result is feeling beautiful and confident and reconnected to yourself, which is something that every person deserves.

Women tell me all the time that they feel that they can’t do a CRAVE Session because they aren’t going to look as incredible as ALL of my other clients. The hesitation is usually because they feel too tall, short, heavy, thin, curvy, or not curvy enough. I have heard every hesitation there is. When I did my own CRAVE Session, I had all of the same fears! This is why the reveal is so powerful! I love showing clients their photos from their sessions and showing them that they can look beautiful, strong, sexy, and confident, just like all of my other clients. Seeing and hearing their reactions to their photographs is the cherry on top. This experience truly is life-changing. That is why CRAVE has become my passion!

As an empowerment and boudoir photographer, I show my clients their true beauty through the lens of my camera. I refuse to let them believe the world’s lies that they are not good enough. This experience has become the mirror of truth that reflects beyond imperfections, lumps, and bumps. A CRAVE Experience reveals to them just how incredible they truly are!

The Transformation Begins

The transformation that takes place in my studio is one of my favorite parts of the whole CRAVE Experience. When a client arrives, most of the time, they are nervous, sometimes even visibly. But also equally visibly excited. The transformation often begins during the Discovery Session, where we peel back the layers and begin to rediscover your confidence. On the day of your session, you will sit in the hair and makeup chair to get all dolled up with a custom cocktail crafted by yours truly. You slowly start to shed those signs and feelings of nervousness and anxiety, and the excitement of possibility starts to poke through.  Once hair and makeup are complete, I will walk you through the final curation of outfits I put together which will flatter you most and bring out your confidence even more. Then, the photo shoot begins. The first outfit is selected to work you into the process and get you warmed up. As we work our way through the next several outfits, your favorite playlist is pumping, the laughter comes out, and the nerves start to disappear. By the end of the session, you will be wondering how the time flew by so quickly and wishing it would continue. On the day of your reveal, you will feel that familiar feeling of anticipation, wondering if any of your photos have turned out well. The music begins and your cinematic photo reveal starts. “Oh my God, is that me?!” Yes, it is. Prepare to be blown away by yourself! That’s what CRAVE is all about!

The Story Behind CRAVE

I didn’t fully understand how much CRAVE was helping women rediscover their self-worth and confidence until we started receiving feedback from our clients. Each one of them seemed to have a similar reaction to the experience. They would ask, “Is that really what I look like?” while holding back tears as their cinematic slideshow reveal transitioned through each one of their gorgeous photos. This question is usually followed by exclamations of “I’m way hotter than I realized!” Having grown up with a parent who was very preoccupied with their weight, I have struggled with my own body insecurities. Upon hearing my clients’ stories and seeing their reactions, I realized that the majority of women have some form of body image insecurity. I was not alone. I realized that I needed to personally go through a CRAVE Experience and feel what it was like from the client’s perspective. I also encouraged my team to have their own CRAVE Experience, so that we could all share in the same emotions and understand our clients better. This is when CRAVE transformed from being just a boudoir experience to an empowering one. Through my personal experience, I came to the realization that “sexy” is a subjective term that means different things to different people. I have my own definition of what it means to be sexy. Wearing lingerie or dresses doesn’t make me feel sexy. In fact, I wasn’t exactly sure what made me feel sexy. Going through my own CRAVE Experience allowed me to explore what “sexy” meant to me, which was incredibly enlightening. It is important to embrace our individuality. CRAVE quickly became an outlet that helped us empower women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin and encouraged them to explore their own definition of what it means to them to be and feel “sexy.”