Jane came from a very abusive previous marriage, which brought on a lot of anxiety. She developed significant panic attacks, and that made it almost impossible for her to be alone. To this day, she does not go anywhere alone… this includes driving herself anywhere by herself.

Then she met Ben. He is amazingly caring and patient with her. He even adopted her four kids.

She has always covered herself up, which came from her mom buying her certain clothing and Jane not vocalizing her preference. So, understandably, she feels like she has no sense of fashion. She often feels frumpy and isn’t sure where she fits in when it comes to personal taste. She is out of practice getting dolled up and doesn’t even really know where to start.

She has worked with other photographers in the past and has always felt awkward in photos. She felt as though they made her look heavier than she thought she was, which made her super nervous about her CRAVE Session. She is nervous that she won’t love her photos, as usual. But, she is also hoping that this session can help break that mold.

She wants to capture her fun, capable, and confident side and show a little more skin than she is used to, which she said her husband would really appreciate.