“I was nervous throughout the entire process. When you’re nervous about anything, it can be hard to push through that fear; fear of the unknown. Ultimately, you will likely never see different results if you don’t try something different. Change comes from making a change. If you are stumbling across CRAVE, you’re probably looking for something unique and empowering and the desire to see something different in yourself. If all these incredible women can look confident and beautiful in their CRAVE photos, why couldn’t it be the same for you? I know firsthand about not believing I was as beautiful as the rest of the women I saw. Once I saw my photos, I knew I had been proven wrong.”  – Lindsey

Lindsey described CRAVE as an “Experience.” It came during a time when she was on the cusp of taking back control of her life. She had dealt with life-long trauma. She had ended a marriage where she was viewed as a homemaker and someone who should adapt to traditional gender roles. She is an accomplished business owner, and that type of control just didn’t work for her.

She was also very large-chested, which was so traumatizing for her from an early age. She recalls being viewed as a sexual object from the time she was in 2nd grade all the way into adulthood. She has been on a mission to regain control of her life and her body and see her physical body for its beauty and not just an object.

She scheduled her CRAVE Session before her breast reduction so that she could document her journey of self-love. She wanted to celebrate herself right where she was and not forget about the body that got her through all of the pain and trauma. This session wasn’t about showing off her chest or being extra revealing but rather showing her that she can be sexy and feminine and not have to hide.