Rebecca is one of my hair and makeup artists in Bellingham, WA. She is a stay-at-home mom and loves it. She has always longed to be a mom, so she genuinely enjoys the role she has fallen into. That being said, she got a little stir-crazy about a decade ago after having her last kiddo and started doing hair and makeup. Makeup is something she has always loved. So, being a hair and makeup artist became part of her “me time.” Being a hair and makeup artist is ultimately how she ended up doing her own CRAVE Experience.

She became part of the CRAVE Team for Bellingham before I had even moved here. As a requirement for anyone who is a part of the team, they have to experience their own CRAVE Session so that they can understand what our clients are feeling when they walk into the studio on the day of their session.

She was VERY nervous and reluctant to do this session. It took me a lot of gentle nudging to get a “yes” out of her. She isn’t someone who does a lot of selfies or puts herself out in front. She is not a “look at me” person. That being said, she is hoping that this experience will help her to be a little more comfortable in front of the camera. The voice in her head is one that says “I don’t need this. I don’t need to be the center of attention”.

She grew up in a Christian family and tested many of the waters when she was younger. Wore the revealing clothing in high school and college. Now, she is at a stable time and well-balanced time in her life, and she feels she got all of that out of her system. The sexy clothing and revealing clothing stay between her and her husband. She doesn’t need to have photos of that stuff, which is one of the things I tell all of my clients. CRAVE isn’t about wearing lingerie or being naked. CRAVE is about exploring what makes each person feel beautiful and confident. You will see from Rebecca’s photos that she looks very strong, confident, and incredibly gorgeous in clothing that feels comfortable to her. She didn’t need to dress up in someone else’s idea of what “sexy” is. Had she done that, I am guessing she would have looked just as uncomfortable as she would have felt.

This session was about affirming who she is at this stage of her life. She feels well-balanced. Her kids are growing up and need her less. She has more time to do things for herself and with her husband, and she is enjoying that.