I want to share Jessica’s story with you!

When I talked with Jessica before her session, she told me she had quite the past. In fact, she described it as “colorful.” It includes drugs and alcohol and possibly even a criminal record of some sort. She told me she was “in the system.”

She was born in the Anaheim,CA area and was an only child. Her parents divorced when she was young. Fortunately, both sides of her family lived near that area. So, she grew up close to both her mom’s and dad’s family and felt really connected to them both.

Then, when she was 8, her mom decided to make a change in hopes that her daughter wouldn’t grow up exposed to the East LA gang scene. So, she uprooted Jessica moved the two of them to Bellingham, WA where they knew no one. Jessica reflects back on this and isn’t convinced that it was “better.” It just is what it is. She no longer had a close connection with the people she had grown to love and feel supported by.

She married a sailor and found herself living in Hawaii. She used alcohol and drugs to cope with how she felt during this time. She got pregnant and had her son at the age of 25. With the pregnancy, she intended to get herself back on the right track for the sake of her son. But, it wasn’t until her mom was diagnosed with cancer and passed away within a year of the diagnosis that she had her final wake-up call.

She enrolled in esthetician school and found herself thriving! She loved it; she loved something, finally! She put everything into her studies and raising her son. She felt like she had finally turned a corner, and she had!

Leading up to her CRAVE Session, she has been working on honoring herself and her curves. Growing up in the 90’s was rough for a naturally curvy girl. She felt the pressure of trying to be skinny. As an adult with perspective, she has matured to a place now where she is celebrating her curves. She earned all of her imperfections.

She had a C-section during her son’s birth. She wishes there would be more physical therapy support for moms who have had C-sections, as this is her most self-conscious area.

She is thriving professionally, feeling safe in her body again, and feels like she has finally made it! She feels and sees so much success; she has finally come out on top and is celebrating all of the hard work she has put in to get to this point!

Go behind the scenes with me to see how Jessica’s CRAVE Experience went!