beer inspired boudoir session in flagstaff

Let’s talk about that fleeting sexual feeling. All too often, we encounter women that just don’t feel sexy anymore. Life has a way of wearing us down, but R2 wants to help bring you back up to your sexy self! No matter what condition you feel you are in, we promise there is a sexy vixen just waiting to come out and play! Our CRAVE Sessions are helping empower women to embrace their beautiful, sexy selves!

It’s so normal to feel terrified about this experience. When you’re dealing with the voice inside your head all the time, being vulnerable in front of a camera for our CRAVE Sessions can seem impossible. This woman told us she hated her body. And let’s be honest, who hasn’t? This is our most encountered comment. It seems the “standard” these days is impossible to achieve. We want you to know, though, the “standard” isn’t real! We want YOU. BEING YOURSELF is the sexiest thing that you can be.

For our lovely friend featured here, she wanted some romantic and implied boudoir photos. We love some of the mysterious portraits that we got of her. Sometimes, a little mystery is all you need for your imagination to go wild. She told us that she wears some booty shorts to be bed. We absolutely love the comfy portraits we got of her. Her husband is going to love having photos of her in her natural habitat. Again, there’s nothing sexier than being yourself. The purple outfit she brought was so beautiful, but we definitely have a soft spot for a big comfy t-shirt.

If you’re curious about our CRAVE Sessions, we are here for you! We’d love to meet you, chat with you and find out how we can use your session to being you the self confidence you have always wanted.

boudoir photographer flagstaff

flagstaff boudoir photographer

flagstaff boudoir session

flagstaff boudoir photographer

flagstaff beer inspired boudoir session