“I wanted to have some amazing pictures to give to my husband and have a confidence boosting experience”

Boudoir photography should tell a story about the person in it. We believe we did just the thing with Becca. Becca came into our Flagstaff studio interested in boudoir photography for her husband and after we learned more about their relationship, we learned so much about Becca and what makes her unique and sexy. Her story, as well as her artwork from her CRAVE Session is beautiful and ready to be shown off.

Becca and her husband have been married for thirteen years. Consequently, they are inseparable. They enjoy cars and going off-roading. They actually met and worked at a jewelry store together! We love that Becca included so many special, authentic southwestern jewelry in her boudoir photography. Each piece is so intricate and elevates her photos to another level.

We wanted to tell Becca’s story in her photos. She wanted to show off her sexy side while portraying that she is a trendy, outdoorsy woman. While she describes herself as modest, her husband wanted her to flaunt it for her boudoir photography. Definitely, she did just that! The gold dress and fur was so beautiful and brought a classic vibe to her photos. On the other end of the spectrum, she looked sexy in simple lacy underwear and a cowboy hat. Becca competes with horses so, she’s at home in that country style.

Boudoir photography should be personal to each and every beautiful woman out there. The R2 Studio is thankful that Becca trusted us to capture her beauty in some intimate portraits for her husband she cares so much for. Robin loves telling the story of everyday women. We are all capable of feeling this beautiful and this sexy and this empowered. Come in to The R2 Studio and find what a CRAVE Experience can do for you.

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