“So for me the CRAVE experience wasn’t about finding confidence or comfort in who I am, but finding another way to see myself…”

Sometimes our boudoir experience isn’t about finding confidence, it’s about rediscovering who you are and seeing yourself in a different light! Enter: Heather! This mama was ready to embrace her inner bohemian and let her come out to play! Check out what her CRAVE Experience brought to her.

During Heather’s Discovery Session, we found out that she writes poetry and has an art degree. Art is something that sparks joy in her and makes her come alive. Heather feels beautiful when she’s being creative. We were so happy to bring her poetry into her CRAVE Experience! The poetry on the wall is hers in her handwriting. Not only was that a cool scene, but so meaningful to that part of Heather’s soul.

Heather also loves music; think Grateful Dead – and has always wanted to be the “hot chick with the guitar”. Needless to say, we made that dream come true for her! Heather is totally okay with being herself and a little bit different. We encourage everyone who goes through our CRAVE Experience to be the same way! We’re envious of this woman’s confidence! 

“…it’s easy to forget who we are, as women, and especially for us moms, and to embrace what we love about ourselves, or find things about ourselves that we didn’t know we could love or love more.” 

This CRAVE Experience was all about Heather rediscovering her inner sexy hippy and really embracing that part of her personality. If you’re itching for your own journey of self-discovery, give yourself a CRAVE Experience! Let us stoke the fire in you and create a session all about the parts of your personality you’ve been dying to let free!


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