Meet Siiri! Just wait until you see her Motorcycle boudoir photos! When Siiri came to CRAVE to explore what our boudoir sessions in Bellingham were all about, she was in a place where she was doing a lot of mind/body work to change the way she sees herself, shift her goals and be happy with where she is at and who she is. She really wants to see herself the way that others see her. She wants to have the belief that she is successful. She wants to squash the self doubt she has. Others see her as inspirational and successful and she wants to live in that space forever. However, no matter how many times she hears that she is beautiful or amazing, it’s super hard for her to believe it. She can see it in the mirror but she also just sees someone who is tired and gaining weight and not reaching these goals that she had for herself.

She had a very emotionally and mentally abusive childhood. There was a lot of food control, activity control and body shaming toward her. From her abuse as a kid, she grew up feeling like she wasn’t worth anything. she was told that the body she lived in didn’t have value. As an adult she became a chef and fitness instructor. As someone who was trying to instill value and worth in her friends and clients she wasn’t believing it for herself. She knew something had to change.

She found CRAVE right at the most opportune time in her life. Her empowerment photography session and boudoir photos really capture many of the different sides of Siiri. From the feminine, sexy side to the tough girl who rides motorcycles. I really loved some of the monochromatic scenes we were able to create. Of course, the shower boudoir photos are always a show stopper.



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