Meet Sarah. You are going to love her hula hoop boudoir photos! She is a local hair and makeup artist in Bellingham, WA and part of our CRAVE Team here. Did you know that all of our CRAVE team has done their own CRAVE boudoir experience? We want to make sure we all know what you are experiencing emotionally as you go through your CRAVE journey.

Sarah lost her dad to cancer recently and that loss has hit her pretty hard. She had a great relationship with her Dad. They were best friends. They talked every other day. He was fun. Everyone loved him. He had a lot of connections because he was so loved. She was closer with him than she was anyone else in her immediate family.

5 Years ago she was a much different person. She was outgoing. Loved to have fun and laugh and hang out with her friends. After losing her dad, she feels sad and tends to stay home so she isn’t a Debbie Downer. She has lost a few friends over it.

She has really struggled to continue to find her purpose in the day to day life. Her Dad was really proud of her and all she had accomplished. He was one of the few in her life that let her know that. All of this to say that she was going through a major rough patch when we first connected.

This session is going to be the boost she feels she needs. It’s coming at a really opportune time. She has done other boudoir photo shoots as the model for her friend’s business. This is the first time she is doing a shoot for herself and not because of someone else or for someone else.

As a makeup artist, helping others feel really transformed and beautiful brings her so much joy. She is excited to experience that for herself and see that she is worth getting out of bed for and worth getting dressed up for.

She loves dancing and used to perform hula hoop, which I thought was pretty cool and why we decided to do some hula hoop boudoir photos. She feels really beautiful when she is moving around/dancing and it shows! I loved the overall theme of green during her session. Enjoy!

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