Meet Maddy! I was so excited when she booked her Bellingham boudoir session. I knew she had been through a lot of various challenges in the past handful of years and this empowerment photography session was going to give her a much needed boost. When I asked her “why” she wanted to do this session here is what she said:

“I feel like my body is not at its “best”, HOWEVER my mom bod is what gave me my son and I want to celebrate how incredible that is. I know I will look back on these photos and appreciate what my body has been able to do regardless of how different my body is to me now. I am also working on not being so much of a people pleaser; only saying yes to things that are a “Fuck Yes” for me. I need to do things that light me up and make me feel good and not leave those things on the back burner all the time.”

Maddy is into superheros and described herself as “nerdy”, which we always love. Our fashion coach, Liz, helped her come up with this really awesome Marvel outfit that Maddy fell in love with. “I just need to find a reason to wear that outfit out in public because I love it so much!”

Maddy also told me that she LOVES singing. She used to sing A LOT and get asked to sing at events. She misses this part of her previous life and is longing to remember how being a singer made her feel. So, we suggested she bring a leather jacket, some leather pants and heels to help create this “superstar” vibe during her session. I LOVE how that part of the Bellingham boudoir session turned out and so did she!