Nickole’s boudoir session in Bellingham was classic and timeless. I even captured some moments with the natural light that was filling our PNW studio, which was a treat! Part of Nickole’s reason for doing her CRAVE boudoir session was to celebrate her decision to not have kids. That may sound funny but, Nickole’s family congratulated her when she turned 25 because she hadn’t had any kids like the rest of her family had. It was a long history of having children at an early age and she didn’t resonate with that. She is proud of herself for sticking to what matter to her.

She sees someone in herself who is confident, sexy and in shape most of the time. Other times she finds herself comparing herself to what she anticipates the world might think of her and that she isn’t as professional as her colleagues. She is a type A personality and can often pick herself a part. Coming from a family of obese people, she has always tried to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. She really wanted to capture all of the hard, physical work she had put into herself over the years. Regardless of personal challenge, she is really proud of who she is and what it took to get her there.

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