Karli “Teaghan” did a boudoir session a year after she got married. She did that session before she got pregnant in hopes of remembering what her body looked like pre-baby/mom bod. She looks back on that and is disappointed with herself and how she was so stuck on societal “norms” or the idea of what society thought was “pretty.” She has grown a lot over the years and has had two kids. She would like to celebrate the body that she has now. She has really tried to focus on body positivity daily. She wants to celebrate how her body has changed and her mentality regarding body positivity… Celebrating the shedding of old beliefs and being BODY NEUTRAL.She wants to remind herself of how far she’s come.

After seeing her photos she said, “I cannot believe how sexy and amazing I look in these photos. I am so stoked to have these up in my bedroom to remind me of the badass hot woman I am and all the love and joy I have for my body and my journey to/through self-love and acceptance. I am celebrating this rocking body and my own self-liberation from all those negative stories I believe(d) about myself growing up. I’m supposed to be small, quiet, and well-behaved. That I’m not worthy of my own love and affection. I’m letting out my voice and my largeness, and oh my gosh, I’m rambling. But seriously. Here she is. Here I am.”

“Thanks, CRAVE team, y’all knocked it out of the park.”