This was why I chose to do a CRAVE boudoir session for myself. Sometimes we don’t practice what we preach. While I am okay with being “curvy” I’ve always been the heavy one in the group. Feeling sexy? Who cares! Until now!

I did this to prove to myself that I was brave enough to do what we’re all wanting you to do! “

Renee is one half of the R2 Team. A very important one at that! This brave woman decided to step up to the plate and set an example for all the lovely women following us in our CRAVE Facebook Group. It’s easy to encourage someone to face their fears, but it becomes a difficult feat when you need to do it yourself. We applaud Renee for joining us in this experience and sharing herself to prove that doing a boudoir session is not so scary after all! Additionally, her pictures turned out AMAZINGLY!

More from Renee –

“When you’re over 40, clean the house, make dinner, take the kids to school & work, life can become mundane. While I LOVE doing all of those things (I’m a giver to a fault) it puts you on the back burner. When Robin really wanted to start focusing on intimate portraits I loved the idea! I knew she’d do it well. But seeing how she has impacted a lot of you through your own Crave boudoir session, I knew I had to do my own.

We went on a date, she did a “discovery session” with me, just the same as what she did with you all. We chatted, talked about love, life & feeling sexy. I didn’t expect it to turn into what these photos represent.

While I don’t have a self-esteem issue, I do have a “giving up on myself issue” and so this boudoir session was a gift to me to tell myself that I mattered.

I hope you enjoy the energy on these photos and what they represent. Hopefully you see a little bit of yourself in them.”

Face your fears and become a confident and brave CRAVE woman today!

CRAVE boudoir session in flagstaff

CRAVE boudoir session in flagstaff

CRAVE boudoir session in flagstaff

CRAVE boudoir session in flagstaff

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