I have always struggled with self confidence and self worth. I never thought of myself as being sexy, confident, worthy, or beautiful!”

Brittney is among the many women out there nervous for this boudoir session. CRAVE is a daunting thing on the surface, but the payoff is worth it. Take a look in to Brittney’s boudoir session and see how her world transformed through our CRAVE Experience.

This beautiful woman is a married mother of two here in Flagstaff. Similarly, to all of the women in that demographic, she works hard for her family but doesn’t see how all of that makes her sexy! During her Discovery Session, she let us know that her husband likes her just the way she is! Brittney struggled to see herself that way and doubted herself right up to her experience. Believe us when we say that this is NORMAL. However, your nerves will clear right up! Here is a quote for Brittney herself about her time in front of the camera – 

“As soon as I got in front of the camera, Robin and Liz helped me get past my self doubt, and my unworthiness- I had the absolutely best time. I have never laughed more in front of a camera than I did during those 2 hours!”

Unfortunately, Brittney felt the need to hide her curves before her boudoir session. We wouldn’t let her do that in front of our camera! During a boudoir session, we want to show all of you! Everything that makes you the wonderful women of the world. Flaws and all! However, we don’t think curvy is problem whatsoever. We were so happy Brittney finally chose to gift herself with boudoir session after spending all her time doing everything for everyone else. 

To those who haven’t been through our Design Session process, we put together a slideshow and do an entire cinematic reveal from your boudoir session. It’s an intimate experience that is, honestly, a little hard to describe. There are so many emotions and connections that happen during our design process. Here is what Brittney had to say after hers – 

“After seeing all the pictures of myself it completely changed the negative mindset that I had been seeing myself as for all these years! I NOW saw myself as the sexy, confident, beautiful woman, wife and mother that I AM!”

Thanks to Brittney for trusting in us during this entire experience. If you’re thinking of a CRAVE boudoir session, we cannot say it better than this lovely lady – 

“To all the women out there that are scared, who don’t feel confident in your own skin, who feel unworthy, and think you don’t have the time to do this- DO IT! This was the BEST investment I could have ever done for myself, and will truly cherish it for the rest of my life “

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