Allie booked her CRAVE empowerment photography session because she said she feels pretty disconnected with who she is. She doesn’t know who the person is looking back at her in the mirror. She wants to be confident in who she is now and is hoping that this session helps her tap into that.

As someone who danced from the age of 3 to 25, she noted that the dance world is very hard on women’s physical body requirements or expectations. She has seen some of those old mentalities start to show up in her mind again about how she feels about herself. She compares herself to others, which she hates and tries to change when she catches it. She doesn’t like that old mindset and is hoping that she can tap into a new belief about herself through this session.

Her reaction to seeing her photos was priceless. She said at the end that she feels beautiful having gone through this experience and is so thankful to be able to see herself in the way she was missing.