Meet Erin! She originally booked this Flagstaff boudoir session with plans of piggy-packing it to a fitness competition. As time passed, she realized that she didn’t need to put her physical and mental self through that competition to love right where she was at!

Her outlook on life, health, and wellness has transformed over the years to more of a “give yourself permission to take up space” attitude. It’s one thing to be physically fit, but if you’re not mentally fit, then the struggle will continue.

She feels most happy and proud of who she is when she is strong, mindful, and has boundaries. As a health and wellness coach, she realized that being fit didn’t bring her full happiness. Finding the overall balance in her life between the mental and physical was her wake-up call. She wants to help empower others to change their mindset.

This session was about capturing Erin’s first impression and capitalizing on that impression being “approachable”. She hopes to use these photos in her business to attract other individuals seeking a balance in health and mindset in their lives. She wants to encourage her clients to give themselves permission to live guilt-free, and she wanted to capture that version of herself in a fun and relatable way.

Fun side note: We threw this hot pink outfit together as a wild card. Erin was a little unsure about it in the moment. But I paired it with my hot pink roll-up door in the AZ studio. When she saw her photos at the reveal, she told me that this outfit has now become one of her unexpected favorites.

THIS is why I encourage all of my clients to “trust the process” because you just might surprise yourself!